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Don't see what you are looking for?

Looking for something unique that you don't see listed, we can source it for you. Don't waste your time looking for that special ingredient, we have sources all over the world and can help you find whatever you are looking for.


Are you a small business, wanting to formulate and offer your own brand of supplements?

Private Label small batch supplements and premixes

At Select Ingredients, we can help you create your very own supplements in small batches or runs, packaged and labeled just for you! We can design your label, and ship smaller quantities whenever you need them for the freshest offerings to your clients. No need to order large quantities that will lose their potency. You and your customers can be assured of the finest, most potent, fresh supplements available, at very competitive prices.

Are you a larger manufacturer looking for certified CGMP manufacturing facilities?

Large Scale Production / Manufacturing

We can also provide you with the finished goods you are looking for: 2 piece capsules, tablets, powders and soft gels. In addition to bottling we can provide blister packs and pouching.


With a foothold in the health and nutrition industry for 30 years, we can offer un-biased opinions and expertise in the following areas to position your product in the best possible way, with the best possible success rate.

Expert Consulting in the areas of...

Product Efficacy
New trends and market niches
Functional Food, Beverages, Dietary Supplement and Nutrition trends and formulations