Recoverben – the motivation for exercise

  • Recoverben contributes to physical well-being and helps maintaining
    normal mobility and flexibility of joints
  • Recoverben contributes to physical recovery after exercise and
    increases motivation for the next exercise
  • Recoverben protects joint cartilage due to its excellent antioxidative efficacy
  • Recoverben supports beneficial effects to reduce inflammation

Recoverben product information

  • Recoverben is obtained by water/ ethanol extraction out of Aloysia triphylla (syn. Lippia citriodora) leaves, an annual eatable herbaceous plant native to South America
  • Aloysia triphylla is a member of the family Verbenaceae
  • Its common names are:
    Lemon verbena, Lemon beebrush (UK, US)
    Verveine citronnelle, Hierba Luisa, Zitronenverbene (EU)
  • Recoverben is a high quality, sustainable natural ingredient
  • Recoverben complies with highest quality and traceability standards,
    completed by phytochemical characterization and stability data

Anoximins® the active principle

  • Recoverben is a clear water soluble fine brownish powder standardized on
    9-11% Anoxymins®, composed out of the isomers acteoside and isoacteoside
  • The natural combination of phenolethanoide with oligosaccharides
    guarantees highest solubility and bioavailability

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